CASKET SALES: Sales Reps for Haven Line Industries deal directly with Funeral Homes and Funeral Directors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, and Maryland. On the National level, our hardwood caskets may be purchased through our network of 30 or so distributors.

MERCHANDISING: Proven Merchandising methods applied in conjunction with detailed socioeconomic information about both FD and clients. Learn how to merchandise hardwood caskets more effectively.
 SALES ANALYSIS: Absolutely the most compete and detailed sales history of prospective clients merchandise sales in the industry…great graphics and colors.
 SELECTION ROOM DESIGN: Revolutionary and radical concepts in display, merchandise mix, colors. lighting, and…music! The importance of using correct and truthful terminology when describing casket differences to families.
 MARKETING: The best marketing strategy for any funeral home is maintaining a strong community presence. Invest in the community and become involved in activities and organizations.
 RETAIL MODULES: Design and installation: RETAIL MERCHANDISING SYSTEMS  offers a reasonable and simple alternative to segmented casket displays. Instead of incorporating 1/4 or 1/8 cuts, "Smart Solutions" requires end cuts that reveal more features of the caskets.

  INSURANCE: Through an alliance with HOMESTEADERS LIFE, Des Moines, IA, The Haven Line Industries may offer "price freeze" on caskets sold on pre arrangements for qualified funeral homes. Optional "Partner Points" program is also available through Homesteaders.
 URNS: Complete line of urns available for immediate use. Through several sources The Haven Line Industries provides excellent service and quality in all price ranges and varieties of cremation urns. Call today for a FREE urn catalog and pricing index.

CREMATION ALTERNATIVES: Our exceptional sales reps can help you design an effective program that will address the needs of your cremation customers. The Haven Line Industries offers many cremation containers, caskets and urns available at great pricing and selection....CREMATION CONTAINERS

VIRTUAL SELECTION ROOM: An exclusive free service offered by Haven Line Industries VSR is offered to our customers who prefer to present funeral products and pricing through
technology instead of a selection room or a catalog. Enables the funeral home to set and change pricing and set up numerous types of selection rooms.

CUSTOMIZED BROCHURES: A service that offers FD customers the opportunity to create and publish literature through our design and marketing department. For samples of our offerings please call 1-800-222-3431.