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The Schuylkill Haven Casket Company, Inc., a division of The Haven Line Industries, was founded in 1919. A flu epidemic spread at the end of WW1. The increase in the death rate created a shortage in burial caskets… Robert Houck together with a few other men refurbished an old steel mill in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania and soon began production of wooden caskets.






Since 1919 The Schuylkill Haven Casket Company, Inc. has been servicing the Funeral Industry with hardwood caskets. We manufacture 50 different casket designs using 8 species of wood… walnut, mahogany, cherry, maple, pine, oak, poplar and aromatic red cedar.

Because Pennsylvania is one of the most diverse hardwood lumber regions in the world, we purchase most of our "green" lumber from local mills. After we stack the lumber we season it and then kiln-dry it to our particular requirements. This seasoning and drying process assures quality throughout our line.
We distribute units directly to the funeral homes in the Northeast through our warehouses. We will only distribute directly to licensed Funeral Directors and Funeral Homes. We also sell our line of woods to a network of distributors. Through our distributors our woods are available to funeral homes in 35 states.


















Stacks of
Maple Lumber








The above photo is an example of of our lumber stacks... 66" wide and 52 layers high. notice the 1"spaces between the layers and the "chimney" in the center. Each stack of lumber is equal to about 2080 bd./ft. or... 15 caskets.



For more information about our casket construction... Virtual Tour






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93% of Pennsylvanians desire to purchase and consume locally-sourced products. The PA Preferred® logo helps consumers identify products of Pennsylvania agriculture, providing a valuable service to both the producer and consumer. The program exists, as well, to increase awareness, accessibility and consumption of products grown and processed (if applicable) in Pennsylvania.